Colorado has come to a fork in the road. One path leads toward less government, more freedom, and greater opportunity for all Coloradans, while the other path leads to a Colorado choked by regulation, burdened by higher taxes, and unable to solve the challenges it faces.

Stop Sanctuary Cities

Barry will use his dispute resolution skills to publicly expose and relentlessly oppose disobedience to the law.

  • Sanctuary cities defy federal law and can be a hiding place for dangerous criminals
  • Illegal immigrants involved in violent crime should not be protected; police officers should be

Fix Our Roads

Barry will provide energetic leadership to demand accountability from CDOT and publicly champion a robust plan to fix our roads across the State.

  • Traffic along Colorado’s main corridors is unnecessarily congested
  • Colorado needs $9 billion to relieve congestion on our major arterials and keep up with our growth over the next ten years
  • Little has been done to fix our roads, despite four consecutive years of the legislature designating transportation as the number one priority

Support Educational Choice

Barry loves kids and believes those stuck in failing districts should be free to move their child to a better school. Choice drives decisions that help schools stay on their toes.

  • Too many of our schools are failing to prepare our kids for success in the real world
  • Schools are under arbitrary pressure to test kids vs. teach them the joy of learning
  • Charter schools and other educational opportunities have been crucial in allowing parents to pick the option that is best for their child

Reduce Government Waste

Barry’s expertise in finance has prepared him to help reduce government waste and obtain a more efficient use of your tax dollars.

  • Colorado collects billions of dollars of tax dollars to take care of government services; we don't need a tax increase
  • We need to conduct and release public audits that convey in simple terms the real cost of every department – and this needs to be compared to the benefit of that department

Reform PERA

Barry will use his leadership and finance skills to remedy past problems stemming from poor decisions, and that will position PERA to be fully funded and strong for generations.

  • The pension plan for our teachers, school administrators, judges, state troopers, and other state workers is in trouble
  • PERA’s board is currently made up of PERA recipients — this clouds objectivity
  • Adjusting the right variables will strengthen PERA

Promote Opportunity for Higher Paying Jobs

Barry will strengthen entrepreneurism and small business by reducing red tape and creating an “open for business” culture.

  • Our economy is strong, however there are still many who are not doing well
  • Government can’t solve this problem, but it can foster a level playing field
  • Onerous mandates hurt small business, which in turn limits opportunity for higher wages

Energy and Land

Barry will protect the property rights of landowners, while ensuring that Colorado continues its strong energy development health and safety standards.

  • Colorado enjoys energy abundance and the industry responsibly provides over 200,000 high paying jobs
  • Colorado’s energy industry is one of the most stringently regulated in the nation
  • Colorado can continue to enjoy a robust energy sector and our environment can remain clean and safe for everyone

Preserve Freedom

People come to Colorado because of our freedom and independence. But, sometimes they bring misguided politics with them – and that hurts Coloradans. Barry will publicly proclaim his three political values:

  • Barry celebrates economic freedom
  • Barry dignifies personal responsibility
  • Barry champions limited government