About Barry

Who I am and what brought me here

I am truly grateful. I’ve been married to an incredible woman since I met her in college on a double date – she was with the other guy and I was with the other gal. During over thirty years of marriage, Tamra and I raised two children who are genuinely wonderful people. I value my faith and my family over any other success.

For me, preserving our founding principles is personal. My grandad came to America, leaving his homeland during a time when its oppressive government was slaughtering millions of Christians. He jumped on a crowded boat with his two sisters and came to America in 1915 when he was 21. He became a US citizen legally – and proudly kept food on the table for his wife and seven children through the great depression.

My childhood was economically humble, but there was always an abundance of love, a sense of order and a profound respect for hard work. It seemed natural for me to venture out and stir up business to turn a coin. In middle school I sold products door-to-door and by high school, I started and grew a landscaping business to fourteen employees. These were just the beginnings of my life journey as an entrepreneur.

Blessed with success…for the most part

Throughout the last thirty years, I’ve started several companies, serving as CEO and Chairman. Some have been more successful than others, but in every one of them I’ve been driven by a passion to add value to the customer. 

After college, I joined IBM, the largest technology company in the world at the time. Later, I earned an MBA at The Ohio State University and then joined Ford Motor Company. I was on the fast track, but realized that – for me – striking out on my own was more to my liking. So I did. 

At 28, I built my first company as an adult and ran it for two decades. I expanded it into other product lines, and other states and countries. At 34, I added another endeavor, building a satellite and radar systems business for twelve years before selling it to the developers of NASA’s Hubble telescope program. I also developed some commercial properties. Recently, I’ve served as CEO of a technology firm which employs over 330 professionals in thirty states. My non-profit expressions included serving as a founding board member for The Classical Academy charter school and as active chairman of several ministries, including Engineering Ministries International which provides much-needed infrastructure for developing nations.


At the core of my personal purpose, I enjoy creating opportunities for others. I am running for Governor because I want to keep government out of your way – so you can follow your own path to the American Dream.  

I will strive to ensure government owns a humble view of itself; protecting the individual liberties of every Coloradan. I will celebrate economic freedom, dignify personal responsibility and champion limited government. I will respect you, the taxpayer, and your money. 

I don’t think it will be easy, but I will push for truthful and innovative solutions and invite citizens to be part of the process. I will negotiate in a fair, honest and collaborative way – but I will not compromise our freedom.

If you want to hire me to take that on, I am Barry Farah, and I’m running for Governor to serve you.

God bless you,


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