Candidate for Governor of Colorado, Barry Farah, Responds to Walker Stapleton’s Plan to Go Through the Assembly

(DENVER)–In view of reported challenges by non-residents gathering his campaign’s petition signatures, candidate Walker Stapleton announced today that he will now go through the Republican State Assembly in Colorado this Saturday in a last-ditch effort to secure a spot on the ballot.

Upon hearing the news, Barry Farah stated, “We’ve had great feedback from delegates who are very happy that I’ve jumped into this race. What I have to share with the delegates at the Assembly on Saturday will not change.”  Farah continued, “And, I imagine that more than one candidate will borrow my heartfelt conservative talking points. But delegates can see through that, and are aware that my executive leadership experience and commitment to founding principles are the real deal.”

Regarding Walker Stapleton’s reported petition issues, Campaign Manager Jefferson Thomas asserts, “I see no logical reason to withdraw from a petition process that has been certified by the Secretary of State unless some very serious issue is in play.”

Thomas also stated that, “Barry would never spend $250,000 of anybody’s money without personally ensuring the process was managed professionally and handled legally.”

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